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“FRÉQUENCES”: an album focused on spirituality that is adapted to the practice of sonotherapy – the art of activating energy through sound and vibrational frequency. Mantra chants accompany the album’s eight songs which will guide you towards an internal harmonic resonance and a deep state of wellbeing. Our wish is for this album – based on frequencies that stimulate openness, alignment and chakra balance – to become a strong ally in all your holistic practices, including meditation and yoga. The creation process for this entire album was based on our own interpretation of some of the Vedic philosophy principles.

MANTRA is a Sanskrit word meaning “mind” and “set free”. It is a sacred message or text that has spiritual qualities which can help guide you to the depths of your subconscious mind. Mantra chants have the power to regulate the thoughts of the conscious mind through sound vibration. Repeated sounds, words or sentences create harmonic resonance throughout the body, modulating your internal vibrational frequency to increase your wellbeing.

CHAKRA is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”. It refers to the physical and spiritual energy of the human body. The seven main chakras can be defined as the junction points of the different energy centers of the body which spread from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. They are the channels through which energy circulates and transforms, and their role is to regulate the subtle flow of this vital energy through the body and the mind.  

SONG 1 – Ganesh Maha Mantra
Root Chakra: Key of C – 396 Hz Frequency

This powerful mantra facilitates anchoring and awakening for you to move forward in life with ease, security, and confidence. It is known for helping smooth over obstacles on your path while soothing the aches and pains of the body and mind. The intention behind the choice of frequency is to gently harmonize Mūlādhāra Chakra.


SONG 2 – Vam
Sacral Chakra: Key of D – 417 Hz Frequency

Sung with great emotion, this mantra resonates to establish a connection to your self and with others; to attract pleasure, creativity, and fluidity in your life to allow for healthy relationships to grow. The intention behind the choice of frequency is to balance Svādhiṣṭhāna Chakra and to give you control over your destiny and your internal life force.

SONG 3 – Ram
Solar Plexus Chakra: Key of E – 528 Hz Frequency

This mantra is voiced to help develop a sense of freedom and achieve emotional, physical, and mental harmony. The intention behind the choice of frequency is to activate the vibrations of Manipura Chakra to deepen your self-consciousness and connect you with your inner power and your love of life.

SONG 4 – Om mani Padme Hum
Heart Chakra: Key of F – 639 Hz Frequency

The vibrations of this forceful mantra free the mind and connect you to the feelings of love and compassion via Anāhata, the Heart Chakra. The intention behind the choice of frequency is to guide you to discover your true self and your true needs, so you can embrace and become what is present within.

SONG 5 – Aum Aim Ham Aim Aum
Throat Chakra: Key of G – 741 Hz Frequency

This summoning of the Sarasvati deity who resides in the Vishuddha Chakra brings wisdom, knowledge, and success. The intention behind the choice of frequency is to reinforce your ability to know and speak your truth.

SONG 6 – Gayatri Mantra
Third Eye Chakra: Key of A – 852 Hz Frequency

The vibrations of this mantra – known as one of the strongest and most ancient – activates the Chakra of the Third Eye. The energy of the Ājñā Chakra relates to your sixth sense, your intuition. This powerful chant focusses concentration and protects against negativity. The intention behind the choice of frequency is to stimulate joy, inner peace, and prosperity.

SONG 7 – Sa Ta Na Ma
Crown Chakra: Key of B – 963 Hz Frequency

By its vibrations, this mantra connects to the Chakra of the Crown, which is the ultimate site of spirituality and of universal mindfulness. Merging all the properties of the other six chakras, it is known to bring peace of mind and a sense of meaningfulness. The intention behind the choice of frequency is to harmonize Sahasrāra Chakra to provide emotional and mental balance as well as a constant flow of steady energy. 

SONG 8 – Mangala Mantra
All chakras: Key of C – 396 Hz Frequency

With this powerful lucky star mantra come peace of mind, calming thoughts, stress relief and energy circulation. It is meant as a wish for emancipation and happiness for all of humanity. The intention behind the choice of frequency is to share a prayer for universal peace and to target all chakras in the Universe.

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